Monday, April 13th, 2009

Notimoo Brings Growl to MooTools

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Joining the world’s collection of Growl-related libraries is Notimoo, a beautiful Growl implementation for MooTools. It’s a little more sophisticated than most of the Growl ports as it supports persistence messages (that require a user’s click to clear and scroll into view) and allows you to configure where on the screen the messages appear:

  1. // Now I create the manager so it will display notifications from the left bottom corner
  2. var notimooManager = new Notimoo({
  3.    locationVType: 'bottom',
  4.    locationHType: 'left'
  5. });
  7. // Showing a notification that does not disappear.
  9.     title: 'Testing notification',
  10.     message: 'This notification will not disapper on its own. You must click on it to close.',
  11.     sticky: true
  12. });

The Notimoo project is hosted on Google Code under an MIT license.

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 11:30 am

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looks nice. the Growl team is working on a new feature that will allow web apps to send *real* Growl notifications to the desktop as well, so the user gets all of the benefits of the Growl management preferences. there are already some libraries out there ( and, but they (currently) require either a dev build of Growl or running Growl on Windows.

eventually though it will be nice to treat all applications (desktop and web) the same with all notifications funneled through the same system.

Comment by briandunnington — April 13, 2009

Digitarald’s ROAR messaging is much more robust, recognize fool!

Comment by csuwldcat — April 13, 2009

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