Thursday, November 9th, 2006

Nottr: More Web 2.0 Notes

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Web 2.0 notes seems to be the hot thing. The Ajax chat of 2006 if you will.

Thiago Jackiw, developer of the acts_as_solr plugin for Ruby on Rails, has just
launched his latest Ajax’d project, is a free website where you can write your notes and:

  • Share them through the web in a “blogish” style
  • Create tags to keep them organized
  • Send them to your or your friends’ cellphone or email (coming soon)
  • Schedule reminders (SMS/Email) for those important notes (coming soon)
  • Add friends so you can easily read their shared notes
  • Bookmark (where available) websites, articles, etc directly to your Nottr account

Nottr 1

Nottr 2

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:28 am

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Hmm… looks like they didn’t had a clue what Gmail, Google Reader, Google Caledar looked like. :S

Comment by Dirk — November 9, 2006

Do you know any webservices similar to Nottr?

Comment by Bilard — November 9, 2006

Blatantly ripping off the Google interface will make it easier for Google to buy Nottr and simply replace the logo. Clever work, Nottr :-P

But seriously, how can they get away with this? If the web community got so up in arms about design rips, can we predict a similar backlash against a rip of an entire interface? Hardly innovation…

Comment by Nick Dunn — November 9, 2006

Google Notebook, anyone?

Comment by Aapo Laakkonen — November 9, 2006

Well… I wonder what google will say for this.

Comment by drkn — November 9, 2006

but really hope Google will integrate Google Notebook into Gmail!

Comment by March — November 9, 2006

really hope google will integrate any product of theirs with any other products of theirs… receive an email, transform it to document, add spreadheet, add notes, add bookmarks saved from search history and a link to an event in calendar anyone?

Comment by Sad developer — November 9, 2006

i wonder when people will use notepad.. or dare i say it real paper!

Comment by Jaimz — November 9, 2006

Yeah! What Jaimz said!

Comment by MrDanner — November 9, 2006

Thank you all for the feedbacks, we’ll be always working on improving our services.

Comment by Thiago — November 9, 2006

Somewhat strange service. Why someone would use it?
Tried it to write some feedback – not impressed, though.

Comment by Kirill Maximov — November 11, 2006

I think this is a great idea because I always had to email myself if I wanted to have a note or text available that could be accessed via the web. And folks, don’t be harsh, they’re only in beta phase

Comment by Jimmy — November 11, 2006

Kirill, thank you for your criticism. Nottr currently works well only in IE and FF, but we’ll be working on fixing cross-browser issues, including the one you described.
I’ve also added an entry on the FAQ explaining how to create a note just in case anyone else has the same problem you had.
As for the googlish style, as you said, we tried to make the UI as easy as possible for users to use, that’s why the interface is similar to the greatest web based email out there.
Also, Nottr isn’t a blogging system as you may think, it only has a blogish look if you decide to share your notes.
Anyway, thanks for trying it out :)

Comment by Thiago — November 11, 2006

It sounds like some of you work for Google with the way you’re all up-in-arms about this. I think you need to relax about it, or start paying the Mesopotamians royalties every time you use a wheel.
If this guy ripped off an interface for the sole intention of copying it or making a financial windfall from it, then I’d see your point. But I think he’s adding to it and trying to create something new and unique from it.
Personally I think it’s a novel idea and functionally pretty cool. Bravo.

Comment by Andrew Cranston — November 12, 2006

I agree with Andrew! good job Thiago :)

Comment by Ramon Garcia — November 25, 2006

I have written lot on web 2.0 on my blog. In case anybody interested can have a look at it

Comment by rohdimp24 — September 17, 2008

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