Monday, January 8th, 2007

NovaLet: More simple blogging

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NovaLet is a new blogging service that aims to be even simpler than Vox.

It isn’t quite open to the public yet, but already features:

  • Create, Edit and Delete categories instantly.
  • Create, Edit and Delete Links instantly.
  • Create, Edit and Delete static Pages.
  • Create, Edit and Delete Blog Posts under a certain category.
  • Update, Add and Delete images on posts (You can also add YouTube and GoogleVid on Expanded posts, more services will be added of cause).
  • Create, Edit and Delete comments on a blog post.
  • Categories, Links or Pages on the header can be reordered by clicking on the green icon on the header.
  • RSS for the blog and RSS for every category.
  • Searcher
  • MetaWeblog API
  • Url Rewrite
  • Pinging
  • XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Secure
  • Domain mapping (NovaLet accounts can be hooked to any domain)
  • Localisation (Right now it only supports English but hoping to support other languages in the future. The entire system is localised, including the JS errors.)
  • Good Performance (It performance even better when you are logged off. The current NovaLet beta is running on a weak celeron server with 512MB and MS SQL Express 2005).
  • Cross browser, so far it perfectly runs on all these browsers that I have test it on (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Camino).


Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:06 am

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Looks pretty nice, but (obviously) I need to try it before I can say any more… unless this has the media integration that Vox has (via Flickr, YouTube, etc) then I doubt this will be better than Vox, in my opinion at least.

Comment by xxdesmus — January 8, 2007

Very cool, is it Ajax based, in the admin that is? From a quick overview of the site, looks like a typical blog, but what I want to see is the administration. Looking at the screenshot above, it looks to be very, very, simple and easy usability.

Comment by Nick — January 8, 2007

The whole thing is Ajax-d … and right now, it’s VERY simple, almost to the point of being too simple.

As for Vox, sure it’s easier to use than Vox, but it has about 1/10th of the features that Vox offers.

Basically right now you can add categories, add a page (like About me, etc), add a new post, and add links …that’s about it. Perhaps their is plenty of new features to come, but they definitely are not their right now.

Comment by xxdesmus — January 8, 2007

This looks fantastic. Some great ideas, looks great

Comment by Jason — January 8, 2007

This looks great. ANy idea when it will be released? Also I ran across this other extremely simple blogging service. It had just images & text in the middle & that was it. no comments, links, or anything. I forgot the name though. Any idea what this was??

Comment by pauly — February 26, 2007

What is the current status of Novalet? I started enthousiasticaly as I had registered as a user and then – after a few weeks – I got cut off. Just like that, no notifcation, nothing …
It really is a neat tool, but I’m still unable to use it now … so what is going on there? Even the Novalet Blog is gone these days … ?

Comment by Pimmm — March 9, 2007

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