Monday, January 29th, 2007

OAT: OpenAjax Alliance Compliant Toolkit

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Ondrej Zara and his team at Openlink Software have created a Openlink Software JS Toolkit, known as OAT. It is a full-blown JS framework, suitable for developing
rich applications with special focus to data access.

OAT works standalone, offers vast number of widgets and has some rarely seen features, such as on-demand library loading (which reduces the total amount of downloaded JS code).

OAT is one of the first JS toolkits which show full OpenAjax Alliance conformance: see the appropriate wiki page and conformance test page.

There is a lot to see with this toolkit:

You can see some of the widgets in a Kitchen sink application

Sample data access applications:

OAT is Open Source and GPL’ed over at sourceforge and the team has recently managed to incorporate our OAT data access layer as a
module to dojo datastore.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:00 am

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WOW!!!!! OMFG! This is just insanely great! Just one gripe; It should be possible to build the xpath or output variable list by choosing sample data from the services, when creating a data source.

But the rest is pure magic! Great work!

Comment by Peter Svensson — January 29, 2007

GPL? That could render this useless for just about any commercial application, depending on how the GPL is interpreted for JavaScript as part of a webapp. And, I didn’t spot any options for other licenses.

Comment by Kevin Dangoor — January 29, 2007

Ah, but that’s the beauty of it! Imagine what you could build on top and around this thing. It’s wonderful!

Comment by peter svensson — January 29, 2007

That is really cool! I’ve been looking for such toolkit for ages!

Comment by Tumáš Bářvíčký — January 29, 2007

impressive demo !

Comment by Alex — January 29, 2007

Very cool. It seems for data intensive applications there are a lot of nice options now: OAT, GI, and Dojo. Curious if anyone has used all three and contrasted. For now, OAT seems to have the most functionality out of the box, plus it loads quickly, and comes with ‘real’ demos and a good compatibility matrix.

In my attempts at using dojo a few months ago I just was not impressed with the tools for building data intensive applications – they seem to be getting there though w/ datastore, filtering table, etc.. But if I was building a flashy 2.0 type app, maybe I’d use it, but there seem to be a lot of libraries that fill this niche.

Then GI hit the scene and I thought great their matrix and data binding tools are just what I have been looking for, but so far it seems very heavy and I’m still unsure if I will use it. On the surface, OAT seems to be the best option for me. Curious is other have done their own comparisons

Comment by tomothy — January 29, 2007

Oh, anther Web IDE.

I Just yesterday, one of my friends gave me a wow one: linb studio

Very cool.

Comment by James — January 29, 2007

I got some video too:
this one:

and :

Comment by HiKaMii — January 29, 2007

It’s great to see people starting to take advantage of the super-powerful* APIs. It might help make the demo a bit more impressive if they turned off the debugging mode, though ;-)

Comment by Alex Russell — January 30, 2007

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