Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Offline Access to Dojo Resources

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Ever had a situation where you’ve desperately needed to get API information for your favorite toolkit only to find that the site is offline for some reason? The Dojo Toolbox aims to tackle this through the use of Adobe’s AIR runtime. Built using the Dojo framework, the Dojo Toolbox allows for offline viewing of Dojo’s API making it easy to have immediate access to the information, internet connection or not.

From search to easy navigation and cross-referencing, the Dojo Toolkit source code documentation can now be viewed everywhere you go. When future versions of the Dojo Toolkit are released, you will have the power to view multiple versions of the API within the Dojo Toolbox. We’re also working on allowing you to view documentation for your own source code in a future release!

In addition, the Dojo Toolbox allows you to do custom builds of the Dojo framework as well as get a comprehensive list of learning resources all within the same application. This is a “must-have” for Dojo developers.

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I totally love this. I don’t even use Dojo and I totally love this. Well done :)

Comment by jdalton — July 8, 2008

Dojo should let his document more straightforward.

Comment by KKFC — July 8, 2008

>>Dojo should let his document more straightforward.


Comment by Nosredna — July 8, 2008

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