Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

OneTeam instant messaging client

Category: Chat, Firefox

<p>Process One has announced a new IM client called OneTeam.

The client is XUL based, so requires Firefox 2 or can be run as a stand-alone XULRunner:

OneTeam handles presence, one-to-one chat, file tranfert, user business card and group-chat in realtime. Based on the XMPP protocol, it enables both secure and private chat inside the company, but can also be opened in a control manner to selected servers in partner organizations.

For example, it is possible to be interrupted only by people working on the same project at a given time. Other messages will be delayed until a moment you have chosen.

Process One

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Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:06 am

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Hello Dion,

Sorry, it seems I missed you in the lobby ;)

Comment by Mickaël Rémond — February 6, 2007

The Open beta has launched:

Comment by Mickaël Rémond — May 26, 2007

DANKE! Gute arbeit.

Comment by Alex — July 17, 2007

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