Thursday, October 12th, 2006

OnForce Ajax Server Monitor

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OnForce has released an initial release of an Ajax Server Monitor.

There are two components, the Ajax Server Monitor, which displays real-time CPU, memory, and MySQL server data, and the COMET System Command Streamer, which pulls output directly from normal system commands to the browser.

The software is currently working in PHP 5, with the PHP-JSON extension, and you can download it here.

Ajax Server Monitor

COMET System Command Streamer

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:42 am

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Umm anyone able to follow the link? When i tried opening that website yesterday and this morning, all i got was a “Loading…” and never a webpage :-)

Comment by Chris.C — October 13, 2006

Strangly there is no mention about their server being down on the Onforce forums

Comment by Daniel Kraaij (DaanK Interworking) — October 13, 2006

Thanks for posting this! The download link is working for me; perhaps we had a few moments of down time but this site has great uptime.

Comment by Greg Whitescarver — October 13, 2006

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