Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Online Services For Cross-Browser Testing

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Javascript unit Testing Farm (JTF) runs unit tests on your behalf. You paste a Javascript unit test (same sort of syntax as JSUnit) and JTF will publish the results for each browser.

Identify a section of your code that you want to test and clearly identify a success and a failure state. Your javascript script will run from top-to-bottom and you will insert some code to inform the back-end when the test has passed and when it has failed.

You need to provide a name for the test and description of what the test is designed to achieve – and that is about all! You can also add comments and respond to other comments to help debug or improve your script. It’s easy to get started right away and add a test case of your own.

It would be nice to combine this idea with an online code repository like JSAN.

A related service is the commercial website, SiteVista, which produces snapshots showing a website inside different browsers.

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 7:31 am

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I’d like if somebody would try this out on the standard Javascript/AJAX libraries like prototype, dojo, mir.aculo.us, etc.

Has anyone tried it?

Comment by Jesper Rønn-Jensen — April 5, 2006

Is there anything like Netvista that isn’t online. (Doesn’t have to be free).

Comment by Foobie — July 13, 2006

Sorry I meant SiteVista.

Comment by Foobie — July 13, 2006

its worth visting essentiabct.com once

Comment by bct — September 4, 2007

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