Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Only Simchas: Face Finding

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Only Simhcas is a jewish celebrations site (simchas means ‘celebration’ in hebrew).

They have a nice simple ajax feature. When viewing a large copy of the photo in the photo galleries, you can now click once to drag a square over your face, and save it to mark yourself. Login prompting is done inline if you haven’t logged in.

Here is an example:

Only Simchas

And a page of assembled faces is available too

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:34 am

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What does this have to do with Ajax? It’s a simple outdated DHTML/Javascript thingy not even worth watching, so why write an article about it?

Comment by John — August 30, 2006

Is she pregnant? Louise! That’s my baby! Come back to me!

Comment by Aardvark Face — August 30, 2006

John: Because we get to use the word “simcha”.

Comment by Rob Sanheim — August 30, 2006

Nice feature exploited also by Riya.

An automatic way to find faces could be very useful
such as Google Portrait http://www.idiap.ch/googleportrait for example.


Comment by Sebastien Marcel — February 26, 2007

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