Monday, October 17th, 2005

Open Mashup APIs

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First we had Ning as a place to develop mashups.

Now, Sam of Writely has put up a call to arms on an Open Mashup set of APIs.

This will include:

  • Single sign on and Identity management, using an open standard
  • Ability to list and select resources from other services (Maybe using OPML)
  • Ability to easily import documents from one service, and embed them in another, even if the imported document is not publicly published to the world.
  • All the while keeping in mind that the user experience must be easy and seamless
  • For UI, I think the ability to ship over bits of authenticated UI would be nice…this is a very web thing, right? I mean, we already have the standard for that, (X)HTML + JavaScript. So, it would be great to be able to actually grab a chunk of someone else’s UI (which would call back to their server, etc) to do the embedding above.

Does this make sense? Can we create a simple open API that would allow us to munge mashups in a clean way?

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:47 am
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I saw the Identity 2.0 presentation by the CEO of Sxip, and I think the sooner Web 2.0 apps start adopting a new system of identification, the better.

Your personal ID from any site you have an account at – eBay, Flickr, Basecamp, and so on – should be portable, so that a new account is no longer necessary for other online web apps. Naturally, it would be up to each web app/service to decide which IDs they trusted and which they didn’t; the user, similarly, could choose which ID to show.

I shouldn’t have to create a whole new account at Flickr or Writely to identify myself. I should have the option of flashing my eBay or Basecamp badge and using that for authentication. It also should be done in an asymmetric way, such that Flickr doesn’t have to communicate with eBay, and eBay doesn’t know when and to whom I’m showing my eBay badge.

Comment by Paul D — October 17, 2005

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