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OpenAjax Call-to-Action for Browser Wishlist

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Maybe it is “Open” Wednesday. Jon Ferraiolo of the OpenAjax Alliance reached out to ask your thoughts on a browser wishlist. I have been talking about OpenID and Jabber as well other things and now it is our turn to think about what we need.

Coach Wei is leading this task force and posted himself on the initiative.

The OpenAjax Alliance is developing an Ajax industry wishlist for future browsers, using a dedicated wiki for this initiative. The main purpose of the initiative is to inform the browser vendors about what future features are most important to the Ajax community and why. So far, the alliance has interviewed roughly a dozen industry leaders, including representatives from the ASP.NET AJAX, Dojo, Ext JS, Douglas Crockford of JSON fame, jQuery, Spry, and XAP, and recently held a townhall discussion on the feature request list among its members. The members have concluded that the wishlist (~25 items) is ready for public comments.

The alliance is now issuing a call-to-action to Ajax developers to participate in this initiative, which is open to both OpenAjax Alliance members and to non-members. The alliance especially would like participation from Ajax toolkit developers and leading web developers with expertise in using open browser technologies to achieve rich user experiences. To join the effort, create a wiki login for yourself by following the instructions on the wiki home page. After you have a login, you can then add new feature requests or comment on existing feature requests as you see fit. The initiative operates on an honor-system basis.

The moderators have attempted to make it possible that the community can add comments and vote on particular feature requests without large time commitments. For example, it is possible to simply vote for your favorite feature requests by adding a single row to a wiki table. The alliance’s wiki uses the same markup language as wikipedia.

Here is the timeline:

  • April – Phase I review, where participants not only add comments, but also are asked to identify their Top 5 features (i.e., those features that are most critical for inclusion in next-generation browsers).
  • May – The moderators reorganize and possibly trim away feature requests for which little interest was shown.
  • June – Phase II review, where participants will be asked to provide importance ratings for each of the feature requests on a scale of 0.0 to 5.0.
  • July – The moderators will produce a summary report and notify the major browser vendors about the results.

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The phase i voting wiki page is here:

Everyone is welcome to create an account via, and edit the above wiki page to vote on your top 5 features, for example.

Comment by wei — April 2, 2008

Coach Wei, this is very exciting. I’d like to touch base with you. Over in Gears land we are asking similar questions, in order to help rev the web’s base infrastructure. Maybe some of the features in the wiki can end up as features in Gears as well so they can hit existing browsers fast? Email me at bradneuberg ATATAT google….com (remove the ATATs and the…)


Comment by BradNeuberg — April 2, 2008

Here is my top five list:

1.) DOM Performance
2.) Reduction of the variants between browsers, Box model CSS Support, … You can make the simplest page and have it not work in all browsers.
3.) E4X support across the board.
4.) Better security. I can am notified if not all elements of a secure page come from secure sources and disable third party cookies but I can’t tell if an application is stealing my data.
5.) Better built-in debugging capabilities for all browsers.

Comment by digitalIchi — April 2, 2008

Hi DigitalIchi:

You are welcome to register on the wiki page and add your top five list to the wiki page directly!

Voting wiki page:

Register wiki page:

Comment by Mark Arrington — April 2, 2008

Who exactly is invited to vote on this? Toolkit developers, or regular web app developers also? The wiki doesn’t make the intended voting audience very clear.

Comment by Joeri — April 3, 2008

It is open to everyone.

Comment by digitalIchi — April 3, 2008

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