Thursday, April 27th, 2006

OpenLaszlo and Dojo Partnership

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The OpenLaszlo and Dojo teams have announced a partnership. The end result is a win-win for both groups, and thus for us. application developers. Dojo is going to get improvements and widgets from OpenLaszlo for us all to use.

The Dojo connection came about as part of our current project to bring OpenLaszlo to multiple runtimes, and to DHTML. We are building separate kernels for each of our runtimes. These are small pieces of code, written in the native dialect of the target (ActionScript 2.0 for Flash 7 and 8, cross-browser JavaScript 1.4 for DHTML, and so on), and providing the runtime abstraction layer upon which the rest of the platform will rest. As we approached the design of the DHTML kernel, it seemed to us that the more we could leverage work being done in the Ajax/DHTML world the better that kernel would turn out.

Dojo quickly stood out as a toolkit with a mature design philosophy, committed and smart collaborators, and (crucially) a package system that would allow us to pick and choose features without adopting the entire toolkit. Our needs are specific, and low level: leak-free event handling, robust media loading, cross-browser DOM APIs, and so on. Dojo is able to provide many of these, so we decided to license it for use within the OpenLaszlo/DHTML kernel.

But Dojo doesn’t provide everything we would want in a DHTML kernel. For example, our kernel exports the concept of a sprite—basically an interactive display primitive, implemented as a MovieClip in Flash 7 and 8, and as a DIV in DHTML. Our thought was: why not contribute these pieces back to Dojo? We’re both open source, with compatible licenses, so a contribution like this repackages code we would write anyway in a form that can be re-used by the broadest possible audience. OpenLaszlo benefits from more smart engineers using and improving the kernel of our DHTML runtime, and the Ajax community gains new libraries within a mainstream toolkit.

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Maybe this means DOJO will finally get their documentation in order? Dare to dream… Pretty cool development for AJAX evangelism overall. OpenLasslo is an awesome tool. Plus, DOJO has been put on the AOL CDN. DOJO’s been quite lately, but I can see they’re lining up partners quite nicely. I believe Sun is a partner as well. If not, I know Sun is quite interested in DOJO. All I can say is, either we need more cow bell or we need more documentation!

Comment by Dave Hemminger — April 27, 2006

OpenLaszlo/DOJO Partnership

This is fantastic (found via Ajaxian). I’m glad to see the DHTML community working with the Flash community. Only bigger and better things will come of this. I was originally leaning towards using the Prototype library for my next project,

Trackback by — April 27, 2006

Unsolicited plug: OpenLaszlo was already amazing as far as client side component frameworks went. Now it does DHTML as well. You can write one program and essentially get both flash and dhtml front ends. Server communication is via data web services.

Very very slick stuff.

Comment by dkappe — April 28, 2006

Only bigger and better things will come of this.

Comment by אתר ששבש — July 17, 2006

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