Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

OpenPortal: DHTML In-Place Editing in a Wiki ….. in 1999

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We are hearing a lot of timewarps back to 1999/2000+, and Brad Neuberg joins in the back-think:

Commercial Wikis such as SocialText and Jot have come out with in-place editing using DHTML and AJAX. Recently I was looking through some old CDs and found a project I created named OpenPortal that prototyped similar techniques… 1999

Brad details his journey and thinks back to his weblets:

<weblet:BUSINESS-CARD id=”Brads_Bcard”>
<H1>Business Card for
<weblet:NAME>Brad Neuberg</weblet:NAME></H1>




Are you reminiscing?


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It is funny how time passes and we find something in the now we did then.

Comment by barrie ontario business card printing — September 17, 2006

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