Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Opera Mini 3.0 and The Ajax Phone

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Opera has announced Opera Mini 3.0 which includes:

  • Feed Reader: I’ve let this replace the native feed reader I have on my phone. The UI is better than what the Sony Ericsson M600i offers, and it actually supports a multitude of formats, including Atom 1.0
  • Photo upload. My phone has no camera, but here it is, direct photo upload from within Opera Mini.
  • Support for secure connections: You can finally use secure services and stay safe all the way.
  • Since most web authors have no regard for mobile usability (and no, dotmobi won’t help), Opera Mini 3.0 has content folding, where long navigation lists and other filler fluff is collapsed so you don’t have to scroll past 323 pages to get to your actual content.

If you want to check it out without trying it on your phone, pop over to the simulator.

There is also footage of the Aida mobile desktop, which is an R&D project tested by Opera, Telenor and FAST.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:53 am

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wow, this looks great, now I just gotta get this working on my phone :)

Comment by xxdesmus — November 28, 2006

Operas content-folding is a great feature for regular websites. It messes up some well coded XHTML MP sites, unfortuntely…

Comment by David — November 28, 2006

AJAX phone ?? Aren’t you confusing Opera Mini with Opera Mobile ? No AJAX support in Opera Mini in my knowledge. I was always using Opera Mini with the default browser in my N80, but now am definitely moving all my bookmarks there.

Comment by Hatem — November 28, 2006

Yes,there is no AJAX support for Mini. Also I am not sure how many differernt versions support flash player as well

Comment by Adnan Siddiqi — November 29, 2006

Hatem: The video is indeed not Opera Mini. The Aida Mobile Desktop uses Opera for rendering the entire UI. I hope it’s clear from the original posting which is linked from this post.

[Std. disclaimer: I work as a Web Application Developer at Opera Software, but speak for myself]

Comment by Arve Bersvendsen — November 29, 2006

The standard feed format support is indeed very poor, opera is getting better at supporting this kinda stuff.

Comment by gsm — February 3, 2007

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