Monday, February 6th, 2006

Oracle Technology Network: Developing Smart Web UIs with Ajax, JSF, and ADF Faces

Category: Ajax, Java, Programming, XmlHttpRequest

The Oracle Technology Center has a lengthy new article today that walks you through the procedure of creating a “Smart Web UI” with the combination of Ajax, JSF, and ADF Faces technologies.

They start off with the typical “what is Ajax” information, catching up those server-side developers that haven’t worked much with it. The target of the article is to create a web application framework based on the above technologies with a little help from an Oracle JDeveloper 10g installation.

The article starts with a brief discussion of a Web application that is used to demonstrate the Ajax-ADF Faces and Ajax-JSF integration techniques. Then, you’ll learn how to build a simple Ajax controller and JSP pages that generate the response XML for the Ajax requests. After that, you’ll find a full overview of the XMLHttpRequest API with code samples and usage patterns.

They spend a lot of the time in the article going over the web interface to the scripting, including screen captures of a lot of the steps. They start with the Application logic behind the system, and move into a segment highighting the XMLHttpRequest object. From there, they get into the main portion – the creation of the user interface. They then wrap it all up with the code needed to tie the Java application later together with the Ajax/client-side functionality with the end result of sending an email from a web form.

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