Monday, January 28th, 2008

O’Reilly Maker

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Kiichi Takeuchi has created a cheeky little site called O’Reilly Maker that let’s you create silly O’Reilly book covers in a live preview style using jQuery and Django.

Surely, Tim will get these guys to rename (remember Web 2.0 conferences?).

I am sure you can come up with funnier ones that I can, so add them to the comments.

OReilly Maker

Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:44 am

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Great sample pic.

Comment by p01 — January 28, 2008

That book cover sums up the proposed meta tag quite well :)

Comment by Jeria — January 28, 2008

I don’t agree. I’m not sure I agree with the tag, but I appreciate why Microsoft have chosen to implement it.

My personal preference would have been for Microsoft to bite the bullet, release IE8 (as a critical update) without any thought for backwards compatibility and let the Fortune 500 Web Developers take responsibility for keeping there sites up to date. Rather than worrying about every site that has been created in the last 5 years.

Comment by Richard Kimber — January 28, 2008

Very interesting site. I just wish you could position the image better. Sometimes it tends to hover over the text too much. Still cool though.

Comment by JasonLevine — January 28, 2008

Very fun in the office, that site

Comment by urandom — January 28, 2008

Like Richard, I don’t see why everyone is blowing this out of proportion. Given that we have the HTML DOCTYPE and don’t need to add this meta tag if we don’t want to, the meta tag exists to support systems where backwards compatibility is necessary (i.e. all of the IE-based corporate web apps that are hard-coded for a specific version of IE) and in those cases this is an excellent idea as it will save many companies quite a bit of money.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to make use of the meta tag, but most people out there don’t adhere to web standards.

Comment by Andy Kant — January 28, 2008

Comment by BillyG123 — January 28, 2008

ok, Billy, I know that was almost blog spam, but on topic
Nevertheless Shem Creek was the best place in Charleston to get seafood, when I left, nothing beats the fresh shrimp and crab delivered that day right up to the docks. Mmm, she-crab soup… And they sure don’t know how to make hush puppies up north either.
Thank god I’m in Seattle at least, time to find some lunch!
P.S. Consider moving your content farther up the page, when I load it all I see are ads completely unrelated to Shem Creek.

Comment by Charles — January 28, 2008

I would name is “O Rly”-maker

Comment by SkaveRat — January 28, 2008

I don’t think Tim will mind the site. He was very relaxed about the O’Really T shirts

Pity I can’t wear it in airports anymore :)

Comment by tug — January 29, 2008

@Charles: I didn’t consider it blam since he asked for examples in his last sentence.

Yes, all things East Cooper (or even Charleston, SC in general) are a lil’ piece of paradise.

You are mistaken about moving content up: there is only a rotating header image and a skinny link ad above the content.

Sorry to hear you are in the depression-laden, always-rains-in-Seattle northwest.

Comment by BillyG123 — January 29, 2008

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