Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Open Web Podcast – Episode 5: Ryan Stewart of Adobe

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Ryan Stewart of Adobe joined us for episode 5 of the Open Web Podcast. We really want to be pragmatic Open Web citizens, so thought it would be good to hear from Ryan and get his point of view on what Adobe, and he, are thinking with respect to the Web as a-whole.

You can download the podcast directly (OGG format too), or subscribe to the series, including via iTunes).

We had a really fun chat, which had us discussing:

  • Adobe’s view of the Web
  • Silverlight, and Alex’s quote of the show: “Microsoft can’t write JavaScript.” Ah, come on, what about Scott Isaacs!
  • Ctrl/Cmd-R is the “Make All” of the Web, and Flex
  • ECMAScript, ActionScript, and the path forward
  • Video: A huge Flash advantage. Where does the video tag fit in? John pointed us to the experimental vorbis support via haXe
  • AIR: Ryan talked about how he sees AIR fitting into the landscape, and how he personally would love to see Geolocation APIs added
  • Open Source: Ryan shares his insight on the experience Adobe has gotten from their Open Source projects (Tamarin, Flex, …)

It was a real pleasure to have Ryan come into the lions den. He is very honest with what he does and doesn’t know from within, and doesn’t hold back on his own thoughts.

What would you like to ask Adobe?

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