Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Page Speed SDK released; HAR to Page Speed tool created

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Releasing the Page Speed SDK (all open source) is one step closer to having a common performance metric across all web development tools and environments. Imagine being able to get the same performance analysis results from Firebug, Web Inspector, HttpWatch, Fiddler, Keynote, and Gomez. This will help us develop a common vocabulary and bring more consistency and quality to the field of web performance optimization.

This is a quote from Steve on the new HAR to Page Speed work that he has built on top of other work:

The importance of an industry standard HTTP archive format is huge. Adoption of HAR allows companies and data gathering institutions (such as the Internet Archive) to record the web page experience and pull it up later for further review. It provides a way to exchange information across tools. And it provides an open standard for sharing web loading information between individuals – developer to developer as well as customer to customer support.

In their last few releases the Page Speed team has mentioned porting their performance analysis logic from JavaScript to C++. The resulting library is called “native library” – not too jazzy. But last week they released the Page Speed SDK. The documentation is slim, but I noticed a command-line tool called har_to_pagespeed.

I downloaded the SDK. It built fine on my Dreamhost shared server. Then I wrapped it with a file upload PHP page and created HAR to Page Speed.

Once you upload a HAR file you get page speed info and more:

For a full example, check out a archive.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:55 am
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