Monday, March 20th, 2006 Ajax Hotel Booking

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Travel sites have been pioneers in the Ajax space. One of the first Ajax applications that I saw was a dutch travel site (second to Outlook Web Access of course ;). fits the entire booking process into a single page Ajax application. Run searches, make selections, all in one area.

Paguna Hotel Booking

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:08 am

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Online hotel booking done right!

This amazingly useful online hotel booking tool fits the entire booking process into a single page: run searches, make selections, all in one area. Sweet!

Trackback by — March 20, 2006

Reminds me of TravelCLICK’s “One Screen” booking engine folks were raving about a few years ago. Nothing new here other than the use of Ajax rather than Flash. In some ways, this feels like a step backward to me.

Comment by Hans — March 20, 2006

What a mess. Ajax for it’s own sake, rather than to improve usability. Feels clunky, unintuitive, fragile and hugely complex. What a joke! I’ll be v. suprised if they sell any rooms using such a system…

Comment by Madinga — March 20, 2006

I do like the calendar widget…at least different.

Comment by Patrick Whittingham — March 20, 2006

It’s great, actually.

Comment by Me & someone else — March 21, 2006

I’d like to know what it’s like to use with a screenreader or similar … or perhaps in lynx? ;D

Comment by Christopher Townson — March 21, 2006

It’s a SPA. But there’s lots elements in the page.

Comment by linb — March 21, 2006

I agree with Tierry

It’s a mess, people are simply getting carried away with AJAX, 80% of peope are still using IE and are NOT very tech savy. There don’t care if stuff moves around in cool ways. They just want something simple, if your not convinced, look at the success of Don’t forget your building web applications for normal folks on the web.

AJAX can improve usability, but use it moderatly and effectively!

Comment by Jonathan — March 21, 2006

Although not bad, I find kayak‘s interface much better. By the time it took Paguna to load the search results I could have all ready booked twice on several other services. Verdict: Nice idea, Bad execution.

Comment by Yam — March 21, 2006

[…] While I was reading my RSS feeds yesterday I read something about this new AJAX way of booking your hotel, found on Ajaxian. The service is called and got me excited when I read about it. It also made me think of a service I saw a few years ago already which was called OneScreen, offered by iHotelier. I haven’t got a demo url for Onescreen so you need to see on the website on one of the hotels using it. I picked the Ritz in Paris because that just sounded cooler than the other hotels on the client list. […]

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Ajax Hotel Booking fits the entire booking process into a single page Ajax application. Run searches, make selections, all in one area.

Trackback by Travel Trends & News Blog — May 19, 2006

hello!!!! is this web site designed using ajax???????????
can anyone xplain how ajax may be useful in this regard ……..

Comment by trendy — June 21, 2006

What are the main alternative to Ajax? What about costs?

Comment by James Caffrey in Costa Del Sol Spain — September 22, 2006

In my opinion it is a real mess….
Not user friendly at all. There are better open source products on the market that do not use ajax, but are more user friendly.

Comment by Roel — July 19, 2007

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