Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Palary: Ajax browser within a browser

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Scott Fortmann-Roe got recursive and created an Ajax Browser called Palary.

The Palary browser supports all sorts of nice things like css, cookies, history, and bookmarks. But it does it all using ajax without directly
communicating with the sites you are surfing (except for images, but no ones perfect).

Why? Its useful for getting around censorship, and is another layer of privacy/anonymity.

On one side we have new browsers such as Flock, we have extensions to browsers, we have scripting via GreaseMonkey, and we have an embedded browser via Ajax. How contorted we are :)

Palary Ajax Browser

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:14 am

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Well that’s pretty wierd… a nice idea, but when external.css doesn”t render, it’s kinda like using Netscape 2.0…

Comment by Marty — August 22, 2006

And here it is: the ajaxocalypse.

Comment by henrah — August 22, 2006

what is the point?

Comment by Mario — August 22, 2006

I can’t comprehend how it’ll help getting around censorship !!

Comment by Rajiv Shankar — August 22, 2006

Because it would require a proxy server. If you’re in China, for instance, and you use this browser to browse to Google.com, you would be able to bypass the Great Firewall of China. At least if I understand the design correctly.

Comment by Nick Husher — August 22, 2006

needs javascript support for sites like meebo

also, even though i have cookies enabled in the settings, some sites (ie. facebook) will still not navigate properly

Comment by xyon — September 11, 2006

I could not use it to login to yahoo mail or other websites where login was required.

Comment by Nikhil — October 26, 2006

This is so ironic – I lay awake dreaming last night about creating an ajax browser within a browser to avoid the proxy at work, possibly using an ssh tunnel if possible – and here it is .

The really ironic part is that I am at work and the proxy is blocking the site! haha!

Comment by Chris — November 10, 2006

Splendid job!!! a page without round trip to server..its really awesome.

Comment by Ashok Boddeda — November 30, 2006

i can pull up the pages in your browser but cant log on to any thing requiring a password or log on. the same can be done to almost every firewall by simply using the ip address in the address bar instead of the url. i need to be able to log on with user name and password not just get a snapshot of the site requested (anyone can use cached files through google but they have the same problem) let me know it this is a possibility

Comment by sirdirk — February 27, 2007

Forget the fact that it CURRENTLY is a tool for avoiding “the man” the further development of AJAX browsing could revolutionize the way we surf the internet. Imagine being able to walk up to any terminal open a “Firefox Light” shell ;) ;) …. that ran minimal requirements to operate web functions, and logging in to your browser, or hell, into your “desktop” and have access to all your information (and creature comforts) right at your fingertips. It could even be set up so you can select the type of login; be it full operating system like environment, web browser only, application only, or any number of options.

Comment by colbalt.blue — March 13, 2007

Ajax Browser is my project name, see http://ajaxbrowser.free.fr

Comment by alban — September 14, 2007

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