Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Palm Pre at Web 2.0 Expo

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Close to 5pm, and you started to see a huge snaky line making its way to the keynote area where Palm was about to have a reception and short announcement. People were jazzed to hear more about the Pre, and Michael Abbott was there to open up access to developers:

Today, Palm expanded the Mojo SDK program for webOS, announcing that a broad group of developers will be provided with the software development kit to create applications for the Palm Pre phone (as well as other future devices running webOS).

Speaking at the Web 2.0 Expo, Palm’s senior vice president of Applications Software and Services Michael Abbott also highlighted some of the most exciting aspects of webOS — including a new branded service that lets developers create apps that push live content across the Internet — and invited the audience to apply for the early access program at the Palm Developer Network website.

The power of webOS lets developers rethink how they develop for mobile devices — and creates opportunities for new kinds of apps. Abbott highlighted several key features of webOS that open up new avenues for the creative ingenuity of the developer community:

  • a cards metaphor that simplifies multi-tasking
  • Palm Synergy to unify information from sources like Google, Facebook, and Exchange
  • a user-friendly approach to notifications that ensures the user is up to date without distracting them from the task at hand. 

An often-overlooked aspect of webOS is that Web applications run natively on the phone. They don’t depend on access to a server, and can run even when there is no access to the Internet. But the full power of webOS is unleashed when the device works together with “the cloud” – the combination of all of the Web sites and services that a user interacts with.

We also got to see a new walk through of the Pre:

Come on HTML5 Phone :)

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Cool video, I like how the services are tied into the core OS apps (calendar events, etc.)
This is a huge video though, the whole time watching it, my download meter never went less than 850KB/s.

Comment by emehrkay — April 2, 2009

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