Friday, August 11th, 2006

Humanized Reader: Perpetual Scrolling Blog Aggregator

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Humanized Reader

A few of the late Jef Raskin’s disciples have put together a “Humanized Reader“, an aggregator of various design/tech web feeds:

So as a little side project, we decided to try making our own aggregator based on that idea. It’s a work in progress, certainly, but we like what we’ve come up with so far. In fact, we’re inclined to think it’s even easier than reading a blog, because of a nifty feature we implemented. We call it Humanized History, and we’re hoping that you don’t even notice what it is, because that’s sort of its point: to let you spend more time reading, and less time thinking about navigation.

True to their wishes, the first time I used the HR, I didn’t notice its showcase feature: it automatically fetches historical entries automatically as you scroll down; no back/forward buttons needed. We’ve seen load-on-demand Ajax before, but here’s to Humanized for making it so seamless.

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 4:17 pm

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But I want to scroll to the bottom of the page ….

Comment by Dan — August 14, 2006

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