Monday, November 16th, 2009

Persevere comes to a 1.0 release

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Ah the magical 1.0 release. It can feel so illusive :)

Kris Zyp has announced the 1.0 of his Persevere uber-server:

Persevere is JavaScript storage and application server that uses standards-based interface of HTTP/REST, JSON-RPC, JSONPath, and REST Channels. Persevere is designed for rich clients application and can be used with any framework or client. The Persevere Server runs on Rhino and provides persistent data storage of dynamic JSON data in an interactive server side JavaScript environment

No sooner than it is released than we hear about the next generation version that goes behind Rhino at the low level:

With Persevere 1.0 finished, we are already working on the next version which will be based on the new Pintura architecture. Pintura is the new JavaScript core for the Persevere HTTP interface that is based on the CommonJS and JSGI API. Pintura will run on any CommonJS/JSGI capable JavaScript engine (support for V8, JSCore, and Spidermonkey coming).

Learn more:

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It’s great to see major projects starting to get behind CommonJS.

Comment by tlrobinson — November 16, 2009

Just what the doctor ordered – especially as I’m writing a game in Flash that’s heavily reliant on JSON. The web’s instanced non-persistent approach has always been a big hindrance for developing near-realtime games. We need more persistent stuff like this, and indeed more JavaScript at the back end – good thing both seem to be continuing trends!

Comment by SEPTiMUS — November 16, 2009

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