Thursday, June 28th, 2007

PhotoFolder: JSON Image Gallery API

Category: Prototype, Scriptaculous

Ryan Johnson has developed PhotoFolder, a simple library that “scans a given folder for JPEG files with any number of thumbnail sizes per image. If the resized images do not yet exist, it will automatically create the thumbnails for you. The result is that your workflow for adding new images to an application built with PhotoFolder is a simple as putting named JPEG files in a directory.”

The demo will show you all you need to know. Ryan is going to be speaking at The Ajax Experience, so come heckle!


Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:23 am

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the site is offline at the moment

Comment by Alex93053 — June 28, 2007

The top link doesn’t work.

Points to: “,%20a%20simple%20library%20that%20%E2%80%9Cscans%20a%20given%20folder%20for%20JPEG%20files%20with%20any%20number%20of%20thumbnail%20sizes%20per%20image.%20If%20the%20resized%20images%20do%20not%20yet%20exist,%20it%20will%20automatically%20create%20the%20thumbnails%20for%20you.%20The%20result%20is%20that%20your%20workflow%20for%20adding%20new%20images%20to%20an%20application%20built%20with%20PhotoFolder%20is%20a%20simple%20as%20putting%20named%20JPEG%20files%20in%20a%20directory.%E2%80%9D%3C/p%3E%3Cp%3EThe%20%3Ca%20href=”

Comment by Jim Neath — June 28, 2007

Just take a closer look at the link and you’ll see the answer :)

Comment by Edgars — June 28, 2007

Very interesting hack to get that link to properly redirect =) Hopefully Dion will catch that soon though!

Just to be super clear, even though it states it on the project page, the downloadable part is only the JSON / PHP interface, not the full gallery itself. I am thinking of trying to get together a stable enough release of a full gallery system, but getting outside is always a lot more important this time of year…

Regardless, what’s available takes care of “the hard part” so hopefully it helps somebody.

Comment by Ryan Johnson — June 28, 2007

The link seems to be fixed now. Nice work BTW

Comment by justin — June 28, 2007

Very nice!!!

Comment by David — June 28, 2007

Very mice, but mouse scroll is kind hard for me to do most of time because the mouse scroll is only available when mouse is over the scrollbar.

Other things is nice. But i have used similar gallery script before. It is omnishowcase. It does similar job and i think it is quite nice as this one does.


Comment by Charlie Cheng — June 28, 2007

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