Monday, January 7th, 2008

Photophlow: Interactive Community Flickr

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Photophlow is a rich interactive communication device around Flickr, created by Neil Berkman and striatic.

Photophlow allows you to add Flickr streams to its chat rooms, so you can discuss away. It also integrates with Twitter.

A view source shows both Prototype and Dojo under the hood, and the UI itself is quite rich. Comet is used for pushing the data to the client, and although many people assume it’s Flash (Flash is used for network communication and sound if available) it is Open Web all the way.

In fact, fellow Ajaxian Michael Mahemoff actually helped build an early prototype of the app.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:18 am
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Thanks Dion. I wanted to point out that we make extensive use of Scriptaculous as well. It’s responsible for much of the slickness of our UI.

I also wanted to mention that we’re in limited beta and there’s currently a waiting list to get an invitation, although current members have invitations they can give out. If you’d like to see photophlow in action we have a short video at as well as a couple of demo videos:

Comment by neilberkman — January 7, 2008

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