Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Pimp My Site with CSS and Prototype

Do you like some code pimpage? We saw a couple of interesting posts on this recently in fact.

First, our own Christian Heilmann took a table based layout, and in short order turned it over to the light via YUI Grids and CSS.

He took this:

And it quickly became this:

He has made the code available, and is asking if people want more information. I would love to see more of this content myself… people that know their stuff explaining the how and the why.

This leads us from CSS to JavaScript. The Prototype team put out a call for pimping. Send them some code, and they will show you how they would write it, inevitably in that Prototype “kinda like Ruby JavaScript” style. I look forward to the first showing!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:19 pm

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pimp this:

Turn this 2 kilometer long site in a content-tabbed (or folded), nice-navigation and all code examples should be displayed with . Maybe without touching the html code itself.

good luck. :-]

Comment by Aimos — October 8, 2008

^ fabulous prizes?

Comment by Tr0y — October 8, 2008

Damn, I wish the comments had ratings too, I would vote both of the above “up”… lol

Comment by starkraving — October 9, 2008

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