Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Pipes: A tech talk

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Pasha Sadril, Jonathan Trevor, and others on the Yahoo! Pipes team showed up at Google to discuss Yahoo! Pipes. The presentation was recorded for all as part of the Google Tech Talk series.

The presentation started with Pasha discussing how Pipes came into being, and showing it in action. Then, Jonathan took over to discuss some of the high level architecture choices and decisions.

It was interesting to hear how Pipes is aimed at the top 10% of the market (from developers to remixers), how it is built to enable you to do that one thing you need (I need a sofa near me), and how it mimics the data flow programming that we are used to in AV. I think that the top 1% would maybe enjoy a simple DSL.

Learning about the pains of canvas, and how they got those connectors working is fun too.

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Yahoo! pipes Rocks….
Looks like the Googlers need tutorials. Pipes for Dummies ;) LOL

Comment by Slashemail — April 4, 2007

Slashemail is right. Pipes is the bomb.

Comment by Dean Edwards — April 4, 2007

Yeah i have to say i like it. Not sure where i’d use it, but who knows, anything is possible these days it seems!

Comment by Websta* — April 4, 2007

Googlers need a tutorial? What, precisely, does this question mean?

Not all good ideas come from Google. Let me also remind you, this application relies on technologies either created by, legitimized by, or popularized by Google that would otherwise have been so obscure as to be forgotten (e.g., can you say, “AJAX?” The tech existed for years, but it took GMail to get people to notice!). There is a lot of technology sharing going on. It’s better to be greatful, instead of vindictive. Yahoo’s got some nice stuff. Google’s got some nice stuff. That’s why the two companies are able to survive.

Those who fail to recognize the contributions of others are ungreatful peonic blowhards who want to sound all so important, but only succeed in delusions of grandeur, and have nothing to contribute to society. Instead of gnawing on the reputation of “Googlers,” why not do something useful? Like, write the said tutorial, or better yet, contribute some of your own original ideas. Note: original != vacuum — original ideas CAN depend on technologies developed by competitors. That’s how this thing called “Capitalism” works, you know.

Comment by Samuel — April 28, 2007

Great post. Maybe I read it in delay, but I must say Google team seems to be one step before the others and it is more prominent in 2008. The pipes is just an example…!
Yours, Melanie

Comment by freeslots — December 28, 2008

Pipes rock, thats it!

Comment by affenspiel — February 18, 2011

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