Friday, November 30th, 2007

Placeshout: New Rails based Geo-cool site

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Andre Lewis has a new site out there, Placeshout which offers a way to quickly call out your favourites place in various locations.

You could argue that we have other places for this… Yelp for example, or My Maps themselves. So, why Placeshout?

Sometimes, you just want a quick suggestion

When Andre and I are looking for a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant or a park with a softball field, we usually just want a quick suggestion, not a lengthy review. We want to know if a place is worth visiting in 30 seconds.

Placeshout isn’t about volume – it’s about trying to express the positives and negatives of a destination in as few of words as possible. If people agree, that “shoutout” moves up…if they don’t, the shoutout moves down and begins to disappear.

We hope Placeshout makes it easier for you to find local destinations.

There are some interesting features in this, very Web 2.0-looking, site. One that stands out is the enhanced mapping experience on top of Google Maps. As you move around, directional arrows tell you how far various other cities are away. It is kinda fun to watch:

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Looks a lot (although less complex) like a project I’ll be releasing soon :)

I’m happy to see they aren’t opening it in France, so it won’t be a competitor ! lol

Comment by JonDesign — November 30, 2007

Site Smart: You can use PlaceShout for any city in the U.S. – the default city is San Francisco. Ann Arbor, MI actually has the most places.

You can look at the available cities (or add one) here:


Derek partner-in-crime

Comment by itsderek23 — November 30, 2007

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