Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

PlanJam: Ajax Planning

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PlanJam is a new beta site that has a heavy use of Ajax in its UI that allows you to plan your time wrt events in your area.

Currently you have to put in a California zip code, but give it a go. Search for things, drag and drop items, and watch the mouseovers.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:22 am

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The site looks very promising.

Comment by Steve Byrd — July 5, 2006

It’s ajaxturbation! (instead of flashturbation).

Comment by Ken Fehling — July 5, 2006

Maybe Ken Fehling has a point here.

If only the site was designed like that one website that ranks cities by population….my 12 year old autisitic sister programmed something like that in her special ed class just the other day.

Now thats what I call awesome!!!!!

Comment by Steve Byrd — July 5, 2006

Your sister sounds cool.

Comment by Ken Fehling — July 5, 2006

Thanx Ken…i’ll let her know. She’s always up for compliments and it makes her feel better.

Comment by Steve Byrd — July 5, 2006

Hmm … it’s a somehow useless idea but I tried my best anyways … what can I say. Well you shouldn’t click too fast (on the different “groups”) as it will load the wrong category and sometimes even switch between different categories back and forth. I also think the timespan shown is kind of senseless as it does not take in account the time you would need to go from place one to place 2 – would also be cool to have a kind of map of all these spots and a kind of route information. Very weird what some people do with AJAX.

Comment by Testerix — July 6, 2006

all the features worked fine for me even as I tried clicking through them really fast. Also, if you’re going to critique something, make sure you actually use it first. Maps (which are actually coming soon) and directions are displayed once you click the finish button.

Comment by Josh — July 6, 2006

i tryed it from germany and i can confirm that if you click fast you end up with switchs between the different categories and sometimes not in the last selected categorie. Imho the reason is the nature of asyncron calls. If you make more then one call at a time you dont know the order in wich they are finished but any finshed call is displayed.

Comment by Madir — July 6, 2006

Exactly – that’s the nature of asynchronous calls and thats what happens here too – I don’t know how you do it but I end up with the wrong category very often.
And about the maps – shouldn’t show show them before you make the arrangements? I mean you plan the perfect day but its somewhat hard to find out exactly where these places are. Of course if you are familiar with the places you would know where to find them but then again you wouldn’t need a website to click all the events together. I mean – really – what is use of such website? To advertise places you would otherwise not know or find? Or is it really about planning the perfect day? I’m sorry to tell you, that at least I don’t see any useful way to – yeah – actually use this thing … I know, I know – I don’t have to use it but I thought a comment section is meant to comment an article.

Comment by Testerix — July 6, 2006

You’re correct in reference to the nature of asynchronous calls….things will be returned out of order if the first request needs more time than the second. This is definitely something that this site should improve on. They do provide loading indicator though.

I am not sure if Testerix and I are on the same siteTo build a perfect date you need to know what you want to do and where you want to go. The activities shown are all based on zip code you put in that box. They give you the location of the place along with a description and as Josh mentioned, if you click the finish button, you get driving directions too. I think the site is just trying to show you what’s in your area so that you can make your own decision on the date.

Comment by MikeC — July 7, 2006

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