Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

Planning an Ajax Boot Camp

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In an effort to help budding Ajax developers out there (or somewhat seasoned ones looking for a refresher), Eric Pascarello is organizing a series of “Ajax Boot Camps” to help show them the way.

I have been helping people work with Ajax applications since Ajax has become popular. My goal was to create a course that will teach any serverside developer how to code a maintainable and scalable Ajax solution. A lot of tutorials out there that developers are using are full of bad practices.

He talks more about his goals for the training courses, things like:

  • what is the consequences of not using caching on the client?
  • what happens with session?
  • what causes that memory leak?

His plans for the boot camp currently include two days of lecture and hands-on programming, but the locations of the camps haven’t been selected. If you’d like to have one of the camps come around to your area, send him an email and let him know!

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Thanks for all of the emails and comments on my blog so far, the list is growing and growing. It was a shoker to log into my email client this morning and see the large amount of emails. I figured Ajaxian picked it up. LOL.

Answer some questions:
Cost: still working with the exact numbers.

When: mixture of weekend and weekdays depending on locations. Some people want to miss work, others can’t miss work. Not sure how to please everyone!

How long: 2 days for the camp we about to promote, other camps are in the works that may be longer, but far off.

Where: It is up to you guys. I will go where I am demanded (Well my wife also has a goal to see all 50 states and she has about around 24 left so do not think I will not come out to the boonies!)

If you have a question send me an email:

First Location: Baltimore/Washington DC area in September exact dates and info for this talk will be posted in a few days on my site.

Comment by Eric Pascarello — July 26, 2006

[…] Earlier today Ajaxian mentioned Eric Pascarello’s proposal for an Ajax Boot Camp. A two day adventure filled with lectures and hands-on coding. Some of questions Eric plans to answer with this workshop are: […]

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