Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Podcast: Ajax @ SXSW

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Audio for the Ajax panel at the recent SXSW conference is now available from the official SXSW poodcast feed.

Direct MP3 link – Ajax Panel at SXSW ’06 (55 mins).

Dylan Schiemann Renkoo
Dori Smith Writer
David Humphreys
Jesse James Garrett Dir UX Strategy, Adaptive Path

A few things the panel covered:

  • JJG explains how GMail inspired his formulation of Ajax, while working for an insurance company. Didn’t want to go to high-level meeting and use tons of acronyms and buzzwords (XML, etc). With excellent timing, Google Maps emerged a couple of days before the meeting. “We put (the Ajax article) up on the website and then my life went crazy.” Trivia: Just after posting the article, he left for Japan for two weeks with no net access, was a bit busy after arriving back :-).
  • Dylan Schiemann overviews technical aspects of Ajax and background on a DOJO and other toolkits.
  • JJG – Nice summary explaining Ajax’s popularity. “It becomes apparent to anyone who works in this industry that this is obviously the next thing we have to do … sense of manifest destiny.” Ajax is/has been the clear next step for the web.
  • Dori Smith – the “contrarian” on the panel. Certainly big on Ajax, but discussing the pitfalls. Accessibility. Javascript turned off. Usability. Browser diversity (Props to Yahoo for being transparent on their level of support in their developer tools), navigation/performance, searchability.
  • Dori also discusses people to be cautious of – clueless suits on the one hand. And on the other hand, developers who assume Javascript isn’t worth learning and needs to be morphed into their preferred language :-).
  • Question: Why now? Not just because of the browsers, but because *we* – the community – are smarter. e.g. Look at CSS tricks, took several years to evolve even though it wasn’t the technology that changed so much. Also broadband.
  • For various reasons, Ajax forces teams to work closer – so many different parts, no single method to model the interaction for everyone’s needs.

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This is actually a really good podcast. Must listen.

Comment by Brian — April 4, 2006

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