Monday, November 5th, 2007

PopBox! – A Javascript Image Magnifier

WebAppers has a nice post about a JavaScript image magnifier called PopBox!:

PopBox is an image magnification javascript solution for dynamically moving and resizing images on your web page. Javascript? Yes – I know it’s nothing new and that you’ve been able to move and resize things in Javascript for years, but only now is there a prepackaged solution that makes it as easy as 3 lines of HTML without knowing a lick about positioning!

The main features of the script include:

  • Simple implementation.
  • Does not navigate away from the page or create separate windows.
  • Does not require any special browser plug-ins. 100% script and CSS solution.
  • Includes a multi-line caption capability that dynamically sizes to fit.
  • Allows for a different image to be used for the thumbnail and Popped images – on page load or on image click.
  • Can display a user-defined text message across the top of the image on page load on the thumbnail image.
  • Can display a user-defined text message across the top of the image after it has been popped.

More information on this script can be found on the project page including documentation and demos.

Posted by Rey Bango at 6:00 am

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I liked it, nice thinking!

Comment by Vsync — November 5, 2007

Because there’s a hidden tag in the poster’s article just below the last visible paragraph.

I someone trying to leverage Ajaxian’s popularity for his own personal gain? Tsk tsk tsk.

Comment by Krof Drakula — November 5, 2007

Hmmm… on second glance, it seems your WordPress installation might have been compromised. They seem to point to another WordPress installation. Possibly an XSS exploit.

Comment by Krof Drakula — November 5, 2007

Too bad it looks like a trainwreck in Opera 9.5… :-/

Comment by HÃ¥vard Pedersen — November 5, 2007

LOLZ _|00z b33n pwnd

Comment by Jamie — November 5, 2007

Thanks for letting us know guys. I’ll make sure this gets looked into.

Comment by Rey Bango — November 5, 2007

If you work out how they did it, let us know – coz that’s just weird.

Comment by izb — November 5, 2007

No tags on this one? How’d you find this? haha…

Comment by Olmo Maldonado — November 5, 2007

yep, i got the spams on RSS too…

Comment by nicholas — November 5, 2007

Pretty cool effect that could definitely have some applications. Generally though, I’m not sure that forcing the user to download a bunch of full size images is best practice.

Comment by Andy Kant — November 5, 2007

Guys there is no magic here – that HTML is in the entry above. Clearly intended for bot eyes only.

View source – the content of the paragraph is hidden with some simple CSS:

Luckily – some feed readers strip inline styles such as this!

Comment by Ollie — November 5, 2007

I prefer non-intrusive image popups that don’t break validation. But hey, for those of you who develop so simply they don’t care about valid HTML, PopBox is great.

@Mislav: To get laid with AJAX, it’s all in how you request it and process the response.

Comment by Charles — November 5, 2007

your entries are spammed or wp is hacked, there are just hidden.

Comment by Copongcopong — November 5, 2007

For some reason I’m not seeing the spam…
If I did though, it is probably a XSS, although I wouldn’t be suprised if WP was hacked with how open-sourced they are.
Now about the actual post, I think it’s a great concept, although it is screwed in Opera 9 and IE6… I figured IE would bug out, but Opera? Come on guys.

Comment by Steven — November 7, 2007

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