Monday, July 24th, 2006

Popup Politicians AJAX Widget

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The Sunlight Foundation has released an AJAX Widget called Popup Politicians.

This prototype consists of a callable remote API for getting info about politicians, and a tag-popup script which uses that API.


Add the following to your head element:

  1. <script src="" xml:space="preserve" type="text/javascript">
  2. </script>

Add links to your politicians like so:

  1. <a href="" rel="tag">Sen. Edward M. Kennedy</a>

When the script runs, it finds all the tags that look like the above, and adds a popup. For more information, look at the source of this page and the sample pages.

From a look at the code, it seems that it is using the On-Demand Javascript pattern to create the popups. In any event, it’s refreshing to see an application of AJAX that doesn’t involve social bookmarking or comparison shopping.

Posted by Dietrich Kappe at 4:41 pm

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nice pop-up. but, what should i do if i have to put this popup for my own content and style the pop-up my way?.. the api should be more open and ready to be improved.

Comment by Google Logs — July 25, 2006

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i want to see how it make it.
if this pop-up do better.i will use it.

Comment by bean — July 25, 2006


Comment by kim — July 26, 2006

Sounds like any of the zillion numbered tooltip widgets in existance out there… :)
Nice though!
We’ll put one in for our Q3 release! :)

Comment by Thomas Hansen — March 11, 2007

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