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Category: Showcase looks to provide a simple, clean interface for a portal to the “most popular” urls from the hotest sites out there as soon as they break. Among the sites on the list, there’s all well-known names –,, – and some others that are a bit less used, but up-and-coming none the less (such as Newsvine and

The interface is simple, laid out in columns for each of the sites, and full-width areas for the two more graphical of the sites included – and For the sites that provide more detail in their feeds than just the title of the post, they make use of the moo.fx library‘s effects to slide out the extra content when the mouse is over the topic’s title.

The site also refreshes to go out and fetch the latest headlines from each source and updates the page to reflect the updates pulled from the feeds. There’s also the option (on the text feeds) to view “More” of the entries for each list, just in case you missed some. The site hit the front page of and was highly complimented on its clean interface and simple use of Javascript effects to make a usable, useful, relevant site.

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That’s very cool. I have to admit, it’s very slick.

Comment by Ryan Brooks — March 13, 2006

You’ve linked to instead of :)

Comment by Branstrom — March 13, 2006

Consider it bookmarked!

Comment by Brian — March 13, 2006

Ma.gnolia-fied =)

Comment by Sherwin Techico — March 13, 2006

I have to say it is a good looking website but I prefer because you can choose what feeds you want. I also think it looks better. Not to keen on the white font on black background

Comment by Tahir — March 13, 2006

Yep! I’d still prefer netvibes over popurls… popurls lack the user interaction/customizability which almost all known web2.0 sites have.

Comment by audienceone — March 13, 2006

Very nice site! Thanks guys, you really work hard to pull this stuff out of the woodwork. And great work guys! Sweet site!

Comment by Ara Pehlivanian — March 13, 2006

Ajax everywhere now. When we focus js/css/html, we forget others.

Comment by linb — March 13, 2006 met en ligne les buzz les plus populaires du web.

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[…] Let’s just see if a Google search bar is added. (via Ajaxian) […]

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Pretty nice-looking site, nicely done. The effects are done in good taste as well.

I like that the main content is rendered within the code as well, not via XHR or something (accessibility, etc.) – but the page is very heavy with all that information (~290 KB of HTML from “view source!”) and the inline mouseover/out event handlers, target=blank and so on.

To save some page weight, the events could be moved out to a single document mouseout/over handler which would observe the type of “target” element involved (eg. event.source/targetElement) and if a link, call the proper handler depending on the event type (mouse out/over.) This is also less work than having a loop which assigns event handlers to each individual link (not to mention memory leaks galore in IE if you don’t specifically unhook them! :) )

Comment by Scott Schiller — March 14, 2006

great site — i have a feeling with a search box selector for each of the sites, this may make it’s way to my browser homepage.

Comment by James Carlos — March 14, 2006

Is the source code available?

Comment by Kashif Aziz — March 14, 2006

[…] the buzz on star for a day you might have noticed that i’ve opened the buzz fetcher a few days ago and let me say that the feedback was just overwhelming. the first 12 hours brought 14.000 unique visitors, 2 hours dugg to death and 5gigs traffic/h after the site went #2 on popular and kevin rose published it on’s frontpage. after 24 hours it’s now featured in almost 100 blog posts and sites, among them the uxmag and while traffic is still increasing. nice tidy clean site, no adverts, no junk, very nice, great design…i love the ajax – click the arrows people! ++digg the main purpose of the site is to get a quick glance on what’s happening in the world of web buzz while keeping your serious desktop/web rss reader clean from all that amusing and short-term stuff, or to put it in the words of another user: +digg because this is a really cool site. aggregator or not, i will find more things here than by looking on my own! so nothing really new out there and already seen on digglicious or diggdotus in a similar way. but while these nsfw and feeds-on-feeds sites still count on comments, votings, ratings, adwords, blah popurls takes the lean way and omits all that clutter. anyway, have fun with it and don’t forget that life is what happens to you while you’re busy reading news feeds making other plans. 14.03 update: traffic still increasing, featured on the ajaxian, second time on, climbed top 10 on daypop, more than 1300 bookmarks on […]

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From the user stand point:
1. found hard to read that many links on black background – must give an option tp change a background color and font size!
2. can not change text size – even on “large” setting the font still remains the same
3. mouseover effects are great but need to have more padding around and a bigger font.

Comment by Natalia — April 6, 2006

Thanks for the information!

Comment by Internet — April 15, 2006

Interesting – Thanks!

Comment by Erde — April 27, 2006

The content is great, “content is king”

Comment by Belts — May 7, 2006

They have added so many new feeds since their intitial release – and the site is loading faster.

There is now an AJAX preview mouseover popup. Very Helpful

Comment by Search Engines WEB — May 20, 2006

haha that’s a cool concept: they just display all the SB services together :)
very easy but also quite a good idea imo.

Comment by Find in Forums — June 7, 2006

It´s a thoughtful and simple interface.
A good work!

Comment by Robert — June 22, 2006

thanks for the info, it’s a really great help

Comment by Conchos — June 25, 2006

A very helpful information.
Thank you!

Comment by Anna-Lena — July 5, 2006

Great work! Does Ajax also work with IE7?

Comment by — July 10, 2006

Yeah that looks really good…

Comment by Erde — July 13, 2006

thanks for the information (bookmarked;)

Comment by daso4 — August 2, 2006

Interesting – Thanks!

Comment by Sammi — May 24, 2007

That’s very Cool , I have a new bookmark now : )

Comment by Belts — May 24, 2007

Nice spam-question *g*
Ajax everywhere now and a novum. When we focus js/css/html.

Comment by Adlopix — July 1, 2007

Very hard to understand-i am a beginner with ajax.

Comment by Martin Hamann — July 1, 2007

Cool! Thanx alot

Comment by Michael — July 21, 2007

I’ve created a popurls clone about apple’s world. Powered by wordpress and simplr theme. The most populars blogs of applesphere are included in

Comment by Sergio — August 25, 2007 is a great website.

Comment by Loco — October 12, 2007

I still preder Popurls over netvibes.

Comment by Phonecases — October 31, 2007

Thanks For daypop too!

Comment by Phonecases — October 31, 2007

There is also a new website that just made its debut offering RSS content aggregation, personalization, and the ability to sign up and post your own content, which is automatically made available via RSS. Check it out at

Comment by nitla — December 23, 2007

That is very smooth. just Beautiful!

Comment by LeatherBelts — March 3, 2008

Check RSSGeni Feed Aggregator, a popular Popurls and Alltop Clone PHP Script

Comment by vidaldewit — April 5, 2009

Now that really Pops!

Comment by beltbuckles — June 10, 2009

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