Monday, January 22nd, 2007

PradoSoft using Prototype 1.5, with new Comment System

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Prado, the PHP framework, has a new 3.1 release that uses the new Prototype 1.5 version.

They also have adopted a new comment system that mimics Jack Slocum’s.

Prado Comment System

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:00 am

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I love Prado, it makes doing Ajax in PHP a lot of fun.

Comment by Sam — January 22, 2007

I dig Prado too. It makes working with PHP so much easier and is a nice bridge to learning ASP .NET 8).

Comment by JD — January 22, 2007

All of my new projects use Prado. I hope I never have to develop another phpApp without it.

Comment by FragMaster B — January 22, 2007

main site:

Comment by JD — January 22, 2007

Prado is good

Comment by Hink — January 22, 2007

I do think they will find that on a page with a large number of “blocks” their initialization code is going to run slow (attaching event handlers to every block instead of using delegation). A “View All Comments” button somewhere would be a nice addition.

Other than that I really like their implementation (maybe better than mine) as it looks very clean.

A mention somewhere (on their site) of where the idea came from would have been nice. ;)

Comment by Jack Slocum — January 22, 2007

I read that the “View All Comments” button is on the way.

Look like it’s pretty easy to get this working in your own Prado app check out:,6706.0.html

I was going to mention that maybe Jack should get some props in the forums but I didn’t know if someone else had done it be for him.

Comment by Sam — January 22, 2007

Jack you are getting your metion.
“Acknowledgement will be appropriately added in the next release.”

Comment by JD — January 23, 2007

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