Friday, October 7th, 2005

Pragmatic Ajax: Beta Book Released

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The Beta Book of Pragmatic Ajax has been published and made available at the Pragmatic Programmers home of the book.

We are really excited about getting this out there. For those that are not familiar with the Beta Book process:

A Beta Book is a book that’s still in development. Buy it, and you’ll be able to download successive releases of the PDF as the authors add material and correct mistakes. Then, when the book is finished, you’ll get the final PDF (along with the paper book if you opted for the combo pack). And, like all our PDFs, you’ll get free updates for the lifetime of the edition.

Get information early. Participate in the development of the book.

This was a real success with the Rails book, and the community feedback truly made it a better book.

We are hoping tha the same happens here!

Table of Contents

This is the estimated table of contents for the final book. Not all of the chapters are there in the beta book right now, but they are coming. Your feedback may also influence the final look of the book too.

  • Building Rich Internet Applications with Ajax. What is Ajax. Why now? Wither now?
  • Ajax In Action. What it means to Ajaxify a web application.
  • Ajax Explained. Client-side JavaScript. DOM manipulation. Server access.
  • Google Maps Made Easy. Folks are awed by Google Maps, but it isn’t rocket science (apart from the satellite pictures). See how to implement your own Google Maps-like application using DHTML.
  • Ajax Frameworks. Why you need a framework. Introduction to Dojo and Prototype.
  • Ajax UI, Part I. Using Ajax and JavaScript to provide a rich client user interface.
  • Ajax UI, Part II. Standard patterns. Web forms and effects. A look at the things that you shouldn’t do when deploying Ajax applications.
  • Degradable Ajax. Degrading gracefully with old browsers, and browsers with JavaScript disabled.
  • Debugging Ajax. Making sure you can debug your ajax application
  • Server-side frameworks. Java, .NET, PHP, and Rails
  • Beyond Ajax. Mozilla XUL, Microsoft HTA, Flash as an Ajax component.
  • Ajax Futures. E4X, Canvas, SVG, JSON.

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Wonderful news! The Rails beta book was a great investment, this will certainly be as well.

Comment by Raymond Brigleb — October 6, 2005

which chapters are fairly incomplete? (< 50%)

Comment by Avi — October 6, 2005

Looking forward to it. The Pragmatic series is consistently quality and there’s a good mix of topics covered here.

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — October 6, 2005

glad to see that you are including a graceful degradation section. hope you also delve into the impact on the semantic value of “ajax” powered sites
in javascriptless environments.

Comment by polypus — December 15, 2005

I know its a bit late in the process but in listening to some of your podcasts I would like a bit on the management side of AJAX. You were mentioning some ROI experiences in using AJAX – Yahoo I think? To me the real battle will be in convincing sceptical board of directors to spend more money on Web developments they thought were now complete. Any help this book or some other publication gives in this exciting developement would be really appreciated.

Comment by Peter Mahoney — February 21, 2006

There is no note as to how to run the examples in this book.

Comment by Rajkumar Vakkada — June 7, 2006


Comment by dadadas — July 10, 2006

how to start ajax for newbie?

Comment by nadine — September 21, 2006

Beta book is something new to me. like selling options?

Comment by ituloy angsulong — January 14, 2007

Beta book is something new to me. like selling options?

Comment by ituloy angsulong — January 14, 2007

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