Friday, July 20th, 2007

Prague 360: Maps with quality

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I don’t normally post many “mashups” but Prague 360 is to beautiful to pass up.

Jeffrey Martin and his brother David have created some high quality views on some of the cities, and they use the Google Maps API as the platform to show the content.

If you head over to Prague, you will see that along with the usual normal map, satellite, and hybrid options, there are gigapixel versions for Winter and Spring. Jeffrey finds a high spot where he sets up his camera and takes lots of photos of the area. These pictures are with a very nice, zoomed in lens, and then he stitches them together to make one REALLY large photo.

Then David takes the image over to matlab world and cuts it up into tiles for the various zoom levels on the map. Now, on the map, when you click on one of the gigapixel options the new tiles are overlayed.

You will also notice that on the various mapping views not all of the points of interest are shown. Instead, they use the MarkerManager component to package items that are close together as one point on the map.

You will also notice that the right hand side has 360 closeup views of the given areas. We all remember the original “VR” versions of this with poor quality. These are definitely a 2007 version. One of the use cases for the site is for people to check out real estate. With this level of quality, you really can get a good view of the property, easily enough to narrow it down.

Prague 360

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google maps has been around _how_ long? it still has teh stupid bug where it shows a black screen isntead of the most zoomed in level that actually has data

Comment by carmen — July 20, 2007

Well done!
I love the way that it keeps the user in context with where they are on the map.
Prague seems like a great place to visit!

Comment by Oliver Tse — July 20, 2007

now that is sweet. Google maps needs ot be like that!

Comment by justin — July 20, 2007

Great website…
Great pictures…
Sorry for Prague’s lack of privacy.

Comment by The Pit — July 20, 2007

that’s really cool, but I still found one case of the old hand-not-attached-to-a-body issue –

Comment by Nathan Friedly — July 21, 2007

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