Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Prefilling forms with Microformats and YQL

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Ever since YQL started supporting microformats scanning (the outcome of having a coffee with the team last time I visited the main office) I tried to find good examples of how you can use this. Microformats rock, we all know that but so far I am still waiting for the killer application or implementation for it. The wiki examples of microformats are getting stale indeed and in general I start to wonder what it needs to make the main market understand the benefits and implement them.

One nice example of the power of Microformats and YQL is George Ornbo’s jQuery script that allows you to pre-fill forms with data retrieved from hcards:

Prefilling forms with microformats and YQL

I’ve written similar tests before but soon gave up on trying to parse microformats by hand. With YQL doing that job for us the practical application of microformatted data became a lot easier, so let’s go wild.

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Nice. Unfortunately it doesn’t parse that well the TYPE inside a TEL. Try it for example on



Comment by badosa — February 20, 2009

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