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Projax: PHP Generators for Prototype and

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Projax is a port of the Rails helpers that wrap the JavaScript required for Prototype and code from Ruby, to PHP classes.

Getting Started

  1. $projax = new Projax();
  3. Please enter your year of birth :
  4. < ?=$projax->text_field_with_auto_complete('dob',null,array('url'=>'index.php?task=ajax'));?>
  6. for($i=1900;$i&lt;2006;$i++)$ret_val.=(strstr($i,$_POST['dob']))?'<li>'.$i.'</li>':'';
  7. echo '<ul>'.$ret_val.'</ul>';

The User Guide details the available functions:

JavaScript Helpers

  • button_to_function($name,$function=null)
  • link_to_function($name,$function,$html_options=null)
  • tag($content)
  • escape($javascript)

Prototype Helpers

  • evaluate_remote_response()
  • form_remote_tag($options)
  • link_to_remote($name,$function,$html_options=null)
  • observe_field($field_id,$options =null)
  • observe_form($form,$options=null)
  • periodically_call_remote($options=null)
  • remote_function($options)
  • submit_to_remote($name,$value,$options=null)
  • dump($javascript)
  • ID($id,$extend=null)
  • alert($message)
  • assign($variable,$value) Helpers

  • dragable_element($element_id,$options=null)
  • drop_receiving_element($element_id,$options=null)
  • sortable_element($element_id,$options=null)
  • visual_effect($name,$element_id=false,$js_options=null)
  • auto_complete_field($field_id,$options=null)
  • in_place_editor($field_id,$options=null)

Some of these look a tad overkill? :)

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The in-place editor has a problem. If you delete the contents and save, then try to edit that field again to enter some data its gone.

Comment by Mark Haliday — October 27, 2006

Its not a bug , you can spcify extra options to take care of this , for options please check out

Comment by Vikas — October 27, 2006

Hi Vikas,

Great work! anyway.. was the demo build together with codeigniter framework? i’ve noticed because the getting started guide is similar to codeigniter…

cheers c”,)

Comment by r00t — October 29, 2006

We’ve been working hard enough to keep the MVC structure clear so that they are easily maintain. Javascript is for the client side, and php is for the server side. Mixing those two into one is just not a good idea to me. one of reason I never got too excited about the Ruby’s prototype support is because of the nasty mixture of two different codes. It makes it harder to maintain and debug. I can’t believe now is the PHP’s turn.

Comment by Simon Jia — October 29, 2006

@ r00t – Projax intial release was for CI , so the manual looks like CI’s.
@ Simon Jia – Yep u are right , for CodeIgniter ( a MVC framework ) I did generate the JS in the controller which was passed to the view for display, but doin so meant passing a lot of extra variables, So i found it best to include it in the view ( since it generates JS anyhow ).

Comment by Vikas — October 29, 2006

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$projax->sortabe_element does not call the url for updating… bug?

Comment by dave — August 28, 2007

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