Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Project Deploy: Customize project directory

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Project Deploy is a simple Web application that lets you make a few choices on what your Web project needs, and then it generates a directory structure for you:

It offers a couple unique features from other project folder downloads such as customization, valid XHTML, HTML, and CSS, but the most unique is bookmarking.

Deploy*’s bookmarking feature allows the user to go through the form only one time and then bookmarking the next page (deploy.php). When the user returns to that bookmark it instantly generates another .zip folder with all the settings the user had previously entered.

If you have a Mac you could add that bookmark to your dock and it’s only a click away. Windows and Linux users could also add the bookmark to their desktop and it will always be right there waiting.

This is just the beginning of course. You could imagine that it would get a whole lot more useful if you could deploy to a cloud and have a project setup for you. Imagine if the options were more like “Give me Rails 2.2 with jQuery.” There is room to take this further.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:00 am

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This does some exceptionally trivial stuff, and does it rather badly. The HTML it generated was invalid!

Just ignore this and build yourself a skeleton project that you can clone when you start a new piece of work. This will also give you something that matches the project structure that you like.

Comment by dorward — December 4, 2008

cough… code generator… cough…

Comment by khookie — December 4, 2008

@dorward Sorry about that invalid code. It was actually only a slash at the end of self closed tags and was fixed today. It was also only invalid for HTML 4.01 users. The slashed got missed on an older update and was never caught because a very small amount of people use HTML 4.01. (only about 2.1% of my users have used HTML 4.01 [counting me testing it over time] out of about 10,000 projects created).

The project is headed in a totally different direction for 2.0 which will allow users to basically, like you and the article said, clone projects and use them for later instead of making actual folders on your HDD which I tried and it ends up being a hassle to reconstruct the certain projects you want from 3-4 folders with all different files you want. Much easier with 2 clicks (click bookmark, click download)

@khookie Yes that is what it is. I built it for me since I am basically creating 1 new web site every day for the company I work for. I personally needed a way to speed up my own projects.

Comment by oscargodson — December 5, 2008

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