Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Protopage v3: sharing, podcast support, and more

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Protopage keeps innovating and has just released version 3 of their personal portal.

There are many new features such as:

  • A new sharing system called ‘instant collaboration’ that lets you create a set of categorized color coded tabs
  • An internal news feed reader with keyboard shortcuts and multi-feed display
  • Special news feed widget modes: cartoon mode, thumbnail mode
  • Video and audio podcast support
  • Multi-category color coded tabs with instant page sharing
  • Drag and drop multi-level todo lists
  • Widget showcase and developer API, launching with 270 new widgets
  • Widget browser with previews and new calendar, clock, comment box and Protopuppy widgets
  • Edit-in-place sticky notes
  • Integrated search box with 750 preloaded search engines
  • Internet Explorer 6, 7, Firefox 1, 2, Opera 9 and Safari 2 browser support

Protopage v3

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:25 am

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I like the idea of a personalized homepage. What I dont like is the idea of storing my information on a public site. No matter how trustworthy.

Does anyone know of a open source project, which I might install on my own webserver?


Comment by Pletzer — December 5, 2006

Looks very cool and similar to http://www.yourminis.com. They have a flash start page that gives you a bunch of cool minis that you can configure. Worth checking out!

Comment by alex — December 5, 2006

Eh. I already have a computer and applications. Why would I want to run software that replicates all that within a web page?

Comment by CrackWilding — December 6, 2006

@crackwilding: if you use multiple computers or travel it’s pretty handy to have a single url which will bring you to a page that contains you’re necessities.

Protopage is the first page I launch when I go online. From there, I use it as a sort of dashboard. It contains links to the web-based services and apps I use as well as containers for notes or small bits of temporary info. While I tend to use more robust services for project management, bookmark management, Feed reading, etc. I use protopage as the single location to link me to those services.

The primary thing that I like about protopage is that the design is simple and flexible enough for me to place content pretty much wherever I want within a page (gravity is optional). This makes it a more efficient tool than something more focused or static.

Comment by Chris D — December 6, 2006

“Why would I want to run software that replicates all that within a web page?”
Because it’s there! Wherever! Whenever! Whatever! Forever!

Comment by Coleman — December 6, 2006

Thanks for your website! It is very helpfully for my working!

Comment by erik1974 — January 5, 2008

Great website.THX

Comment by Crossi — September 14, 2009

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