Monday, December 5th, 2005

Protopage Version 2: The ajax portal gets better

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Protopage version 2 has been released. The original Protopage post generated a lot of buzz, and version 2 adds more features.

What’s new in Protopage 2?

  • Display headlines and article previews
  • Full screen mode (click the maximize button and see what happens!)
  • Read / unread support so you don’t need to scan the same set of headlines twice
  • Automatic 60-min refresh so you don’t need to keep reloading your page
  • Color code individual panels on your page
  • Change your page’s title (log in and click the top left logo box to change it)
  • Rich text editing for more expressive sticky notes
  • Options to enable/disable panel shadows
  • Spread out your news feed, sticky note and bookmark panels over several ‘virtual pages’
  • Send infrequently used panels to the ‘panel dock’
  • Make individual ‘virtual pages’ public or private
  • Use the ‘Print’ icon to print sticky notes

You can see that they have been busy.

Checkout version 2.0 of Protopage


Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:31 am

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I’m testing all of new features and I’m thinking fabulous, but still need little more adjusts to be perfect…

Comment by Paulo Roberto Augusto de Jesus — December 5, 2005

Hi Paulo,

What adjustments would you like to see? I know that they are looking for feedback!



Comment by Dion Almaer — December 5, 2005

I still think is better, but they are heading in the right direction with thes new features.

Comment by =DC= — December 5, 2005

I think that Protopage is the best startup page for today.
The RSS support and the WYSIWYG support in the notes is awesome.
Also the new clean design.

Comment by Leandro Ardissone — December 5, 2005

Here’s one adjustment (which I’ve previously suggested to them) and the main reason I don’t use it..the Links portlet requires you to enter a name as well as the URL. The name shouldn’t be necessary; it could either default to the URL, or – ideally – the title from the page.

On the whole, though, it’s an excellent product. As with Dobrado (posted last week), it’s also a really nice way for novices to create their own web page.

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — December 5, 2005

Sorry, but it is too messy for me.
Maybe it’s because I am used to, I don’t know.
The main problem is the lack of the “clean” look, as it is in netvibes. Nevertheless, they seem to have a bunch of great features.

Comment by ShaiK — December 6, 2005

Too bad it still does not work with Opera… so does netvibes. The only one that works it 24eyes, that’s why it’s the one I’m using.

Comment by guillaume — December 6, 2005

yeah its a slick ajax thingy.. I think its some what like in a smaller way;

However, what I would also like is;

1) remove the “It will otherwise expire in 47 hours” – let users play
2) Auto removeal of feeds that are not updated in X number of days.
3) Multiple user authority
4) More panels like weather and stuff like this

Comment by /pd — December 7, 2005

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