Monday, August 22nd, 2005

Protopage: Your Ajaxian Homepage

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Wow. You have to check out Protopage. As Michael Mahemoff said: “So Ajaxian” :)

Once you go there, you can create your own Protopage, in which you can have fun:

  • Creating links to your favourite sites
  • Quick portlet access to search
  • Sticky notes that you can minimize
  • Personalize

A couple of interesting UI items are:

  • The large help tips, which you can turn off with a click
  • “Saving…” is shown whenever you do something that talks to the server

Great work Prototype team!


[ Via Michael Mahemoff ]

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:04 am

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good idea dude! actually i m too working on simmilar
To be frank the interface colors is not v.good..!
I am using the javascript/dhtml api from toolman for the draggable windows in my project.
And can I ask u, wat api is used to create the draggable windows in this website.

Comment by srinivas — August 22, 2005

If you google for WinLike you will see something very similar. It’s a complete framework for creating a Windows like interface in a borwser.

Comment by Ryan — August 23, 2005


Thanks a lot for the message. I posted a seperate entry to showcase WinLike.

Please ping us when you run into anything else cool like this!



Comment by Dion — August 23, 2005

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