Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Prototype 1.5.0: Changeset 5969

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Prototype 1.5.0 is here… kinda… in secret… in Changeset 5969.

Prototype 1.5 Changeset

(Chances are as soon as Rails 1.2 ships, we will see this announced)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:14 pm

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Comment by Michael Simmons — January 18, 2007

Too little too late. I used to love Prototype (probably still do) but they’ve just been to slow at innovating.

Mootools is my lib of choice now – with it’s sweet download facility and all.

Comment by Ian — January 18, 2007

What Michael said, they just officially released 1.5 along with a new website and more imporantly great new API documentation which was really really needed

Comment by Chris R. — January 18, 2007

Big nod to Mootools here too, Ian. Lots of success with big name projects using it and more to come.

Though I think full release v1.0 is taking longer than Valerio thought it would. But it will be even sweeter than it is now.

Comment by Jeffrey — January 18, 2007

I moved onto Mootools as well. It isn’t quite as stable as Prototype, but I like how compact everything is and the module architecture. I still use Prototype in some projects though.

Comment by Andy Kant — January 18, 2007

mootools needs more testing and more active community.

once it gets stablized and v1 rolls out. it will shine.

Comment by someone — January 18, 2007

I really like what Mootools as evolved into; somehow it’s got the best of prototype as well as scriptaculous effects, and my code is a lot smaller now with the chaining returned from its methods. The only problem is that each iteration causes it to grow in file size, which is mitigated slightly with the dynamic building “wizard” on his site.

Comment by Mike Ritchie — January 19, 2007

I wonder why this is worth a message on Ajaxian. Is there nothing interesting to write about?

Comment by Fabian Jakobs — January 19, 2007

A while ago i posted a news that didn’t make it to ajaxian, yet is worth noting:

dexagogo developed a table sorting library based on prototype, it’s really well done!

Comment by Alexandre Plennevaux — January 19, 2007

I used prototype and makes my browser(on a quite old computer) very very slow

Comment by 8lights — January 19, 2007

ALl this I ‘used” crap. I still use it and its wonderful. Their new site has tons of documentation. Woot. I r giddy

Comment by Mario — January 19, 2007

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