Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Prototype 1.5.1 RC 3 Released

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A new version of Protoype has dropped.

Prototype 1.5.1 RC 3 gives us features such as:

  • Ajax.Requests now supports per-request onCreate callbacks. [#8011]
  • JSON strings are automatically stripped of their security delimiters (if present) before eval. More details on this security issue here (PDF document). [#7910]
  • all toJSON methods now generate YAML-loadable JSON. [#7883]
  • Event.element now returns an extended element. [#7870]
  • Linefeed normalisation is now prevented in IE on String#escapeHTML and String#unescapeHTML for consistency with other browsers.
  • Added a new Element.childElements method (shorter alias of Element.immediateDescendants).
  • Added a new Element.firstDescendant method (same as using Element.down with no arguments).

Performance improvements:

  • Faster $$() utility and Element.getElemementsBySelector method. [#7873], [#7901]
  • Optimized, Element.down, Element.up and Element.previous DOM methods. [#7848]
  • Speed improvements of String#escapeHTML and String#unescapeHTML in IE and Safari.

And plenty of bug fixes. You can see the gory details in the change log.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:53 am

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I don’t think that DOM Object extension is a nice thing, since there are too many functions extension.

Comment by Rizqi Ahmad — April 25, 2007

@Rizqi – your’re kidding right?
Prototype is PIMP. I can’t wait for this version to be finalized.

Comment by you'reKidding — April 25, 2007


Comment by George Bailey — April 25, 2007

I think he must be gangsta!

Prototype is really good, gotta love it.

Comment by Dougal Matthews — April 25, 2007

It is teh SUPAH-PIMP, yo.


Prototype is way cool.

Comment by Pi — April 25, 2007

Prototype 1.5_rc3 is compressed to 15.8kb over at:

Comment by didyaknow — April 27, 2007

* thats 1.5.1_rc3

Comment by didyaknow — April 27, 2007

Will this version be supported on IE7 ??? unfortunately for now, no and even if I don’t like IE, my webapps must work as well on IE

Comment by pounch — May 2, 2007

rizqi is right. prototype sucks.

Comment by jokkmokk — October 12, 2007

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