Sunday, September 25th, 2005

Prototype and Updates

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Both Prototype and have announced upgrades.


Firstly, there is a new Prototype 1.4 available for download that:

features JSON support, a nice new Range object and some other goodies.

Including being able to do things like

Generate sorta-kinda-UUIDs in JavaScript with Prototype 1.4.0_pre6

function UUID() {
  return [4, 2, 2, 2, 6].map(function(length) {
    return $R(0, length, true).map(function() {
      return (Math.random() * 256).toString(16);

/* UUID()
 * => "eea637ad-e840-dc78-8199-d1c176f3a170" */

Thomas Fuchs has announced the first release candidate of the upcoming version 1.5 of

What’s New

Compared to the previous V1.0, it has tons of new stuff for your web apps to look and feel better:

  • In-place Editor control
  • Slider control
  • Completely new effects engine with queuing, delaying (read: timelines) and text effects
  • DOM Builder
  • Drag and drop and sortables with ghosting
  • Sortables can drag and drop between empty lists
  • Unit testing framework
  • autoloader ( components get loaded automatically, only one JavaScript file has to be included)
  • There are also tons of bug fixes and little tweaks to make it all the more enjoyable.

A big thank you to all contributors and bug reporters!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:06 pm
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wish these projects luck and i encourage developers to use them – we desperately need something like libc for dynamic web apps – a largish lib you download only periodically, and then various web apps use the api to create application layer functionality.

its amazing how prehistoric the coding model is for these web apps, every page sending its own slightly different full lib on each cache refresh for the site. wow, this is like having each binary on your unix box be statically compiled. we need something like prototype to become the libc of the dynamic web otherwise we are going back to the 70s.

Comment by grumpY! — September 25, 2005

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