Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Prototype docs – Developer Notes Updated, O’Reilly Resources

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Apparently Santa was listening to my request for more docs in this last post: Sergio Pereira has updated his outstanding developer notes for Prototype to cover 1.5rc2.

Scott Raymond and Sergio also worked together to create the Prototype Quick Reference, a PDF that expands on Sergio’s web site. The PDF will also be updated to cover 1.5 final, whenever that happens. There is also Ajax on Rails, written by Scott with Prototype-specific info contributed by Sergio. It also covers Scriptactulous and of RJS and other Rails specific methods for developing ajax.

Does anyone have any reviews of either they could link up or contribute?

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 8:02 am

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One thing to note: if you buy the Prototype Quick Reference PDF now, you’ll get a free update when Prototype 1.5 is released.

Comment by Scott Raymond — January 2, 2007

The Ajax on Rails book is not yet available. It was supposed to have been published months ago, but they kept pushing back because of changes to Prototype/Scriptaculous and the release of Rails 1.2 (which happened after the primary content of the book was written). I believe this is where the Quick Reference came from. It was originally a chapter in the book (I was a tech reviewer for it), but I suspect they wanted to go ahead and get something out while they updated the books content to the latest code.

Maybe I’ll try and post a review of the content I tech reviewed way back when. Might have to do a quick re-skim of the chapters I still have around here somewhere.

Comment by Thomas Lockney — January 2, 2007

Thomas- as I understand it, the book is being delivered to retailers now, so it should be widely available soon. I’ve gotten a copy, but I’m not sure if O’Reilly is shipping orders now or not. Either way, it’s safe to order now.

We finalized editing about a month ago, so the printed Prototype reference in the book is accurate through 1.5_rc2 — which should end up being practically identical to 1.5 (hopefully!).

Comment by Scott Raymond — January 2, 2007

Scott, that’s great news. Looking forward to reading it again in print this time.

Comment by Thomas Lockney — January 2, 2007

Time to go to the bookstore.

Comment by Brian McQuay — January 4, 2007

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