Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Prototype Event Extension: Event.wheel(e)

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Frank Monnerjahn took the work from here and created a Prototype Event extension which makes it trivial to use the mouse wheel in Prototype with Event.observe(..).

The demo shows this in action.

The Code


  1. /*
  2.  * Orginal:
  3.  * prototype extension by "Frank Monnerjahn" themonnie
  4.  */
  5. Object.extend(Event, {
  6.     wheel:function (event){
  7.         var delta = 0;
  8.         if (!event) event = window.event;
  9.         if (event.wheelDelta) {
  10.             delta = event.wheelDelta/120;
  11.             if (window.opera) delta = -delta;
  12.         } else if (event.detail) { delta = -event.detail/3; }
  13.         return Math.round(delta); //Safari Round
  14.     }
  15. });
  16. /*
  17.  * end of extension
  18.  */
  20. var counterSite=0;
  21. function handleSite(e) {
  22.     counterSite +=  Event.wheel(e);
  23.     $('delta').innerHTML = counterSite +'#'+ Event.wheel(e) + ": " + (Event.wheel(e) < 0 ? 'down' : 'up' );
  24. }
  26. var counterDIV=0;
  27. function handleDIV(e) {
  28.     counterDIV +=   Event.wheel(e);
  29.     $('divdelta').innerHTML = counterDIV +'#'+ Event.wheel(e) + ": " + (Event.wheel(e) < 0 ? 'down' : 'up' );
  30. }



  1. Event.observe(document, "mousewheel", handleSite, false);
  2. Event.observe(document, "DOMMouseScroll", handleSite, false); // Firefox
  4. Event.observe($('divdelta'), "mousewheel", handleDIV, false);
  5. Event.observe($('divdelta'), "DOMMouseScroll", handleDIV, false); // Firefox

Of course, taking control of this event could confuse the user, so only do so if it enhances the experience.

UPDATE: jQuery support has been added too

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web 2.5 hehehehehe

Comment by Ignacio — November 29, 2006

Bloat 4.0 Service Pack 3

Comment by Roger Svensson — November 29, 2006

Nice one Franky, nice one to get yourself – but as I told you yesterday this one wolud be really awesome if the eventhandler would be wrapped to reduce the code to one line. Will come in the 2.0 i guess ;)

Comment by .mario — November 29, 2006

Nice one Franky, nice one to get yourself here – but as I told you yesterday this one wolud be really awesome if the eventhandler would be wrapped to reduce the code to one line. Will come in the 2.0 i guess ;)

Comment by .mario — November 29, 2006

Frank an me also digged the jQuery plugin for the mousewheel event out of the Google Cache and linked it under the example DIVs for the folks who like jQuery more than Prototype (like me *g*)

Credits for that go to but at the moment his site is down.

So go folks and bulid your own Google Reader!

Comment by .mario — November 29, 2006

Yes! Ad space for my blog. Finally. If you’re going to spam at least try to make it look legitimate. I agree that in some cases the mouse wheel event is useful to capture in a web application. I have found it especially handy when simulating zooming, but it definitely has to be used sparingly.

Comment by Dan — November 29, 2006

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The obvious implementation of mousewheel is for scrolling content… If your design implements a specially designed scrollbar, rather than whatever is default on your OS, it can only be accessed by the scrollwheel through an event handler like this. I for one am greatly relieved someone has finally realized the scrollwheel motion is just as valid as an input mechanism as a mousedown or mouseclick, etc. Since you can’t be sure any given user who visits actually has a scrollwheel, it’s pretty obvious you’d have to use this event only as an enhancement to navigation (or, as someone else suggested, for “gauge”-style functions) for those who do.

Anyone with a scrollwheel (and a Mac) who’s used a Dashboard Widget realizes that Apple had already figured this out. Since widgets by default use specially-designed scrollbars made of CSS/JavaScript, Apple had to provide an onscrollwheel function… and they did. I’m delighted someone has finally brought this event handler into the “real” world. :-)

Comment by Leland Scott — November 29, 2006

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