Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

PushUpTheWeb.com: Browser detection and Upgrading

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Nick Stakenburg is beating the drum of getting users to upgrade their browsers, and has created PushUpTheWeb.com.

Pushup is an effort to push the web forward by helping users update their outdated browsers. Give your users a better web experience today by installing Pushup on your domain!

By putting the script up, users will have their browser checked out, and if there is a new version it will let them know in the right hand top corner.

You can configure it to use reminders, and style it how you wish. Friends don’t let friends run old browsers!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:17 am

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It’s essentially a knock-off of http://www.savethedevelopers.org/ which has been there for ages…

Comment by fuzzy76 — July 29, 2008

I like it. We need more personal sites adopting things like PushUpTheWeb & Save The Developers. Maybe even annual day (like Naked CSS Day) where sites break, or are redirected, when viewed in IE6.


Comment by kim3er — July 29, 2008

Thanks a lot Dion.

@fuzzy76: I’ve actually attempted to contribute something similar to savethedevelopers.org but they didn’t pick up on it.

Comment by Nick — July 29, 2008

SaveTheDevelopers.org may’ve done it first, but PushUpTheWeb.com did it better: browser version checks instead of just a “don’t use IE6” bubble with a more robust codebase.

Such a clean UI — and with the “remind me again in 6 hours” — it could easily be mistaken for an OS alert by the types that might be running older browsers.


Comment by MichaelThompson — July 29, 2008

bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. i give it 2 weeks until people start putting malware executables called ie7.exe as what you are downloading.

Comment by DarrenKopp — July 29, 2008

A nice idea, but I don’t see it doing much good, especially if it won’t support IE6. Every browser on that list has acceptable results from using standards-based markup. Furthermore, they all have their own auto-update feature which, if I’m not mistaken, is enabled by default.

Comment by restlessdesign — July 29, 2008

@restlessdesign: IE6 is supported, the idea is to get it to upgrade. The versions shown are those that Pushup targets for upgrades.

Comment by Nick — July 29, 2008

I think the design of this is really problematic. To moderately savvy web users (those in between your mom and the sort that’s already upgraded anyway), it looks like the very definition of a suspicious link, and is something they will likely just skip over out of visual habit. To the novice web user, if they see it at all, you’re now reinforcing a very bad behavior in clicking that sort of thing.

The spirit of the project is a good one, but it’s something that each host site will have to actually buy into by integrating it in a way to make it look trustworthy, rather than foreign.

I’d also question the use of direct third party linking. Might it not be a better tactic to link people to a page on pushuptheweb.com with available download links and some information explaining why they should upgrade? If you’re looking to improve the usership of the web, do so through understanding rather than indirection.

Comment by Morquan — July 29, 2008

I agree with Morquan that it should be more explicit that it is not a system-initiated upgrade request, and should link indirectly through pushuptheweb.com.

Comment by matanlurey — July 29, 2008

@Morquan, matanlurey: I’ve modelled this to look like it could be something from the browser itself because users are familiar with it (window update) making it more likely the link is clicked.
The reason no third party site is used is because I feel that it would only be another obstruction. Websites like microsoft.com and getfirefox.com are more trustworthy then one I could create. The update message alone should be enough information, I will leave the selling up to the browser vendors.

Comment by Nick — July 29, 2008

Great initiative. I work as an integrator for a high traffic commercial site and will ask my boss if we can go live with this.

Comment by JeromeLapointe — July 30, 2008

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