Monday, October 23rd, 2006

QEDWiki and ATF

Category: The Ajax Experience

David Boloker of IBM spoke about QEDWiki at The Ajax Experience on Monday. QEDWiki is still a few months away from being released, but is pursuing the agressive goal of providing the typical business user with a tool to create Ajax-enabled mashups. The product will ship with a number of built-in widgets (synonymous with wiki commands in this context). The user is provided with a clean drag-and-drop interface (built using dojo) to arrange these widgets within the page. Properties can then be adjusted on the widgets to tie them together and get the desired functionality. David provided a working example of a store listing (generated out of SAP data) that interacted with widgets based upon the Google Maps and National Weather Service public APIs.

After Bruce finished up, Bob Goodman gave a quick tour of the Ajax Toolkit Framework (ATF). ATF is an eclipse plug-in that will allow us to use many of those nice eclipse features that we are used to with various Ajax libraries. Check out the project home page for more details.

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[…] In case you hadn’t paid any attention to QEDWiki so far, check out this demo. The server-side is written in PHP using Zend’s framework—more detail here and most recent info seems to be here (it’s not released yet—some time soon) […]

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